BUKH solas marine engine

400 –  800 HP (294 – 588 kW)

Bukh´s D13 in line 6 diesel is developed from the latest design in modern diesel technology. The engine has  has a robust block with ladder frame, high pressure unit injector system, 4 valves per cylinder, „twin entry” waste gate turbo and after cooler. All together with the electronic engine management system results in a very smooth running engine with world-class diesel performance, combined with low fuel consumption and emissions.

Technical description

Engine block and head

  • Cylinder block and head made of cast iron
  • One-piece cast-iron cylinder head
  • Ladder frame fitted to engine block
  • Replaceable wet cylinders liners and valve seats/guides
  • Drop forged crankshaft with induction hardened bearing surfaces and fillets with seven main bearings
  • 4-valve per cylinder layout with overhead camshaft and center position of unit injectors
  • Each cylinder features cross-flow inlet and exhaust ducts
  • Gallery oil-cooled cast aluminum alloy pistons with three pistons rings
  • Rear-end transmission

Engine mounting

  • Flexible engine mounting

Lubrication system

  • Integrated oil cooler in cylinder block
  • Rear positioned twin full flow oil filter of spin-on type and bypass filter

Fuel system

  • Electronic high pressure unit injectors
  • Gear-driven fuel pump and injection timing
  • Electronically controlled central processing system (EMS – Engine Management System)
  • Single fine fuel filter of spin-on type

Air inlet and exhaust system

  • Twin entry turbo technology with freshwater-cooled charge air cooler
  • Air filter with replaceable inserts
  • Wet exhaust elbow/riser option

Cooling system

  • Seawater-cooled plate heat exchanger
  • Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet
  • Easily accessible seawater pump in rear end of flywheel housing

Electrical system

  • 24V/110A plus an optional extra 24V/110A alternator


  • Complete instrumentation
  • EVC monitoring panels for single or twin installations
  • Electronic shift and throttle
  • Plug-in connections


  • Shaft drive

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