BUKH D6 / 300-480 HP

BUKH marine engine

300 – 480 HP (221 – 353 kW)

Bukh´s 6-cylinder D6 is developed from the latest design in modern diesel technology. The engine has common rail fuel injection system, double overhead camshafts,

4 valves per cylinder, turbocharger and aftercooler. Together with a large swept volume and the EVC system (Electronic Vessel Control), this results in world-class diesel

performance, combined with low emissions. The engine is extremely compact for its high output.

Following powerrange is avaliable:


  • BUKH D6 – 300 HP (221 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 340 HP (250 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 380 HP (280 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 440 HP (324 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 480 HP (353 kW)


  • BUKH D6 – 300 HP (221 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 340 HP (250 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 380 HP (280 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 400 HP (294 kW)
  • BUKH D6 – 440 HP (324 kW)
See below download for product spec.
Technical description

Engine block and head

  • Cylinder block and head made of cast iron
  • Ladder frame fitted to engine block
  • 4-valve technology with hydraulic lash adjusters
  • Double overhead camshafts
  • Oil-cooled pistions with two compressionrings and one oil scraper ring
  • Integrated cylinder liners
  • Replaceable valve seats
  • Seven-bearing crankshaft
  • Rear-end transmission

Engine mounting

  • Flexible engine mounting

Lubrication system

  • Easily replaceable separate full-flow and bypass oil filter
  • Seawater-cooled tubular oil cooler

Fuel system

  • Common rail fuel injection system
  • Control unit for processing the injection
  • Fine filter with water separator and alarm

Air inlet and exhaust system

  • Air filter with replaceable insert
  • Crankcase gases vented into the air inlet
  • Exhaust elbow or exhaust riser
  • Freshwater-cooled turbocharger
  • Loss of sea water alarm

Cooling system

  • Thermostatically regulated freshwater cooling
  • Tubular heat exchange with separate large volume expansion tank
  • Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet
  • Easily accessible seawater impeller pump

Electrical system

  • 12V or 24V two-pole electrical system
  • 14V/115A or 28V/80A marine alternator with Zener-diodes to protect the system from peak voltage, and integrated charging regulator with battery sensor cable for maximum use of alternator
  • Fuses with automatic reset (12V) and fuses with manual rest (24V)
  • Auxiliary stop button


  • Complete instrumentation/display packages, including e-key
  • Electronic shift and throttle avaliable
  • Plug-in connections


  • Shaft drive
  • Water jet

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