Durability, diesel economy and dependable power are synonymous with the new VGT-series

All BUKH VGT Common-Rail engines are based on the 6.6L V8 configuration and are designed to be as compact and light weight as possible while maintaining durability and serviceability. The BUKH VGT 350 is intended for medium to high speed vessels and has a light duty rating (Medium Duty as option).

Laptop based diagnostics tool is available for VGT engines. J1939 and NEMA2000 CAN communication.

Marine Gear / jet adaptor options
  • Jet adaptor (Direct drive)
  • ZF 220
  • ZF280-1
  • TTM60A Gear
  • TTM60V V-drive
Technical Description

Engine Mounting

  • Adjustable engine mount

Lubrication System

  • Oil pressure@2000rpm – 30-45 psi
  • Oil pressure at low idle – 12 psi
  • In pan oil max temperature 120˚C

Fuel System

  • Bosch common rail fuel injection pump
  • Governor regulation 1%
  • Electronicgovernor type

Electrical System

  • Recommended battery capacity CCA 12 volt system –  050 amp
  • Maximum allowable start circuit resistance 050 12 volt system – 0.001 ohm

Cooling System

  • Closed cooling
  • Closed system coolant flow 304 L/min
  • Raw water pump flow 180 L/min
  • Thermostat start to open 7˚C
  • Thermostat fully open 93˚C
  • Engine coolant capacity 18 L
  • Recommended press cap 16 psi

Engine Operating Indicator

  • Engine diagnosis
  • Display engine diagnostic error code
  • Audible alarm and control lamps

Air inlet System

  • Max intake restriction 6 kPa
  • Engine air flow 30 m3/min
  • Rec air intake pipe diam mm 100 (min)
  • Minimum intake air per eng 600 (cm2)

Exhaust System

  • Exhaust flow 60 m3/min (max)
  • Exhaust temperature 700˚C (max)
  • Max allowable exh backpress 7.5 kPa


  • Variable Geometry Turbine (VGT)


  • EPA Tier 3, IMO and RCD compliant

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