BUKH A/S already in Poland – the most reliable diesel engines in the world.

BUKH A/S is a company with proud traditions producing diesel marine engines for pleasure boats, lifeboats and fast rescue boats. Our former names were among others Aabenraa Motorfabrik and Callesen Diesel, but today our various companies are consolidated into BUKH A/S.

BUKH has produced marine engines since the beginning of 1899, and with more than 100 years of experience our marine engines have developed into being the most reliable in the world. We provide retailers all over the world of which most are specially trained to counsel and render service on the marine engines of BUKH A/S.

Today BUKH A / S’s product range covers:

  • BUKH24-48HPLifeboats
  • BUKH125-500HPworkboats
  • CallesenDiesel–Service

BUKH A/S is one of the world’s leading suppliers of SOLAS approved engines for life boats.

BUKH still sells the same solid quality products as regards genuine marine engines, but they have gradually been developed, improved and made more powerful in order to keep up with new demands.

JP Marine as an authorized distributor for Poland

focuses not only on the selection and installation of BUKH engines to new units but also on the modernization of the existing installations. Of particular interest are the customers of commercial modernization for fishing boats, where we offer:

  • choice of engine, gear, propeller and peripherals
  • installation of the engine, gearbox and complete shaft line
  • installation of exhaust wet and dry
  • a complete electrical installation
  • service

Our service is comprehensive from selection through installation and maintenance.

Engines BUKH outside commercial applications are highly valued because of their reliability and service life by the sailors.